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Captures the energy and tactics behind the Democrats’ reversal of fortune . . . Especially interesting to see Rahm Emanuel in action.

  -Philip J. Cook, Co-author, The Winner-Take-All Society

Awesome . . . moves adroitly from the grassroots to the Congress and other “halls of power.”

          -Rye Barcott, Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship, Harvard University

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Captured the drama, the intensity, the excitement of the campaign in a way that I’ve rarely seen done . . . marvelous and dramatic . . . A really human documentary.


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   -CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider

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Smart and perceptive and poignant and entertaining.

-Josh Kurtz, Senior Editor, Roll Call

The best film I’ve seen about elections in a very long time.

-Norman J. Ornstein, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

This insightful movie shows how the business of electioneering seeps from Washington into every competitive local congressional race in America.

           -Scott MacKay, political analyst, WRNI/Rhode Island Public Radio

Timely and important . . . In the tradition of classic political documentaries like Primary and The War Room, the film does what the mainstream media doesn’t – it gets behind the headlines and  helps us understand the dramatic political changes that are occurring in this country.

    -Mark Jonathan Harris, Director, Into the Arms of Strangers:

    Stories of the Kindertransport

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Students will learn about elections and Congress in a way no

textbook can teach them. Lively, entertaining and educational!

    -Barbara Sinclair, Professor of Political Science Emerita, UCLA

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The candid look at Emanuel . . . zeroes in on his efforts to recruit candidates for tough races in swing districts which eventually paid off.

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Republicans could win by acting like Rahm.

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From now on when my students ask me what elections are really like,

I'll tell them to watch HouseQuake.

- Dan Schnur, Communications Director for John McCain’s

2000 presidential campaign